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The Right Equation EFFORT=RESULTS

Updated: Jan 15

How many of us have spent several months, or a few years, or maybe even a lifetime trying to get rid of a persistent backache, trying to get fitter, trying to craft a new body, or simply trying to improve our posture? How much time, sweat and effort have we invested with NO VISIBLE RESULTS, WRONG RESULTS, or in fact, no satisfaction whatsoever... or JUST A FEELING OF FRUSTRATION?

Ivana Daniell is a movement and posture expert, whose mission is to educate and guide people to make the right choices concerning their bodies or when choosing specific activities or exercise programme. Ivana has written A Manual For A Contemporary Body for those who are searching for a better quality of life who want to enjoy a beautiful, strong and efficient body throughout their life journey. People who are juggling careers with family obligations and at the same time are struggling with a busy and less physically active lifestyle. It is Ivana's sincere belief that through this manual she can help everyone shorten their journey through the jungle of information and misinformation, to achieve a healthier body and a well-balanced, active and healthy lifestyle and to learn exercise is a more functional and intelligent manner without the risk of injuries.

We were simply not applying the RIGHT EQUATION. Our efforts did not equal the

expected results.

Some of the most common injuries I see in my practice are caused by the wrong choice, or improper practice of exercise programmes. It is becoming a very worrying phenomenon indeed. This means that the information that is out there is not sufficient and often incorrect.

The truth is that out there is a jungle of information or, rather, misinformation. The old idea of physical exercise and physical education has today radically changed, sadly, and not always in a positive way. In a world of mass information, there is no filter, the so-called “word of mouth” is disappearing. You just need to have a look at the web today where you are bombarded with applications and photos showing you how to get fitter; how to get a better body in a few weeks, or a sexy chocolate-bar-shaped six-pack. I look at these applications and recognize that most of them could be very harmful to the public. Imagine now a different scenario. Instead of suffering from a backache you suffer, for example, from a digestive problem. You go to see a nutritional specialist. You will go through a very detailed protocol where the specialist will ask you many questions concerning your lifestyle, eating habits, current diet, and medical history, and most of the time very specific allergy tests are required. All this information is absolutely necessary to create a safe dietary regime.

Those same principles should be applied when choosing an exercise programme.

To benefit from good results, we need to take into consideration many different aspects of the person’s life, lifestyle, posture, movement history, and clinical history.

It is not the person’s body that has to adapt to a particular exercise method; on the contrary, the movement and exercise programme needs to adapt to the person’s specific needs and lifestyle; a truly bespoke movement and exercise programme created for your unique BODY ID.

Ivana’s TipsBefore choosing an exercise programme:

  • Be assessed by a recommended professional

  • Have a full evaluation of your Posture

  • Make sure the exercise programme is suited to your Body Type

  • Choose a suitable professional to guide you safely during this important process of transformation

To learn more about Ivana Daniell programme visit


Author & Founder of THE BODY ID.

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