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Elle Sena's Chislehurst Healthcare: A Female-Led Revolution in Compassionate and Luxurious Care

Step foot into the beautiful town of Chislehurst and it won’t be long until you hear the name Chislehurst Healthcare and the amazing things this private healthcare provider is doing not only in but outside of this town. Chislehurst Healthcare has become synonymous with compassionate care second only to that of one’s own loved ones and the reception this company has received since its conception in 2020 is testament to the fact that it delivers on its promise time and time again. 

Chislehurst Healthcare

Chislehurst Healthcare, a female-led and operated organisation was founded by the visionary Elle Sena, in an attempt to transform the industry with its unwavering commitment to excellence and personalised services. Fast forward to 2024 and with an award winning 2023, it’s clear that’s exactly what Elle has and continues to achieve on a daily basis.


Elle can only be described as a trailblazer; with over 26 years experience in the UK healthcare sector, Elle has been the driving force behind Chislehurst Healthcare's success. But the journey to where she is today begun even before her graduation, when she secured a part-time job with the renowned Reed Nursing Employment. This early exposure ignited her passion for the industry and set the stage for where she is today, establishing and leading one of the UK’s fastest growing healthcare providers.


After graduating from The City University of London with a specialisation in Mental Health Nursing studies, Elle continued to expand her knowledge by pursuing post-graduate courses in business management, leadership, and marketing. Throughout her career, she has held senior management and executive positions within both the NHS and private sectors, earning a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality services, her positive energy, understanding of sophistication, and extensive knowledge in various aspects of healthcare.


 “Since graduating from The City University of London in the speciality of Mental Health Nursing studies, I’ve spent my entire career within healthcare, within both the NHS and Private sectors. I’ve seen it all, in managerial and executive positions. But I’ve also been lucky enough to have spent a great deal of time working within the business side of things too, having been introduced to recruitment at an early age. Business isn’t just something I’ve immersed myself in, it’s in my blood.”


Under Elle's leadership, Chislehurst Healthcare has become a beacon of hope for those seeking exceptional care. The company offers a range of services designed to prioritise compassion and personalised attention at a level that simply isn’t seen or focused upon with a great deal of other services. Why? Because the focus isn’t just exceptional care and customer satisfaction, but so exceptional in fact that Elle herself would want to utilise her own services.


 “When I envisioned Chislehurst Healthcare all those years ago, it wasn’t just another private healthcare provider I was seeing, it was a company providing the care I would want myself and since its inception in 2020, that’s exactly what I’ve created. I often tell my children, look at the way I care for my clients; that’s how I want to be cared for.”


Home Care & Live-in Services: Chislehurst Healthcare believes that healthcare carried out in the comfort of one's own home has numerous advantages, including earlier discharge from the hospital, reduced risk of readmission, and swifter healing. The dedicated team tailors the care to the specific needs of each individual patient, promoting greater freedom and independence.


Mental Health Wrap-Around Care & Support: With a hand-picked team of Complex Care Observation Support Staff, Chislehurst Healthcare provides a prestigious level of expert care. These highly trained professionals offer specialist support and observation for complex and vulnerable clients in various settings, ensuring unparalleled mental health wrap-around care and support services.


Supported Living: The company's incredible teams deliver a high standard of physical care in the home, ensuring that clients feel as independent as possible while receiving the necessary emotional and physical support. By setting clear boundaries and offering consistency in care delivery, Chislehurst Healthcare creates a supportive and nurturing environment.


Complex Care: Chislehurst Healthcare provides a specialist form of support for those with chronic or long-term illnesses that require additional assistance to manage not only symptoms but also day-to-day activities and as with all of their services, Chislehurst Healthcare does so with the intentions of establishing as much independence as possible for their clients.


"Our aim is to provide a truly safe, therapeutic, and home-like environment that encourages empowerment, independence, and choice."


Under Elle’s keen vision, every service is tailored to the individual needs of its clients, ensuring care is provided in a manner that assists as much mentally as it does physically; addressing the usual concerns of a client’s pride as much as anything else and she does so by ensuring her team are top tier.


Elle places great emphasis on continuous professional development for her team, with all healthcare professionals participating in regular training programs. It was Elle’s intention to ensure her team didn’t just participate in the standard training but go that one step further and luxury protocol is just one such example.


But it isn’t just her professional accomplishments that separate Elle from her peers; her philanthropy is front and centre when she isn’t running Chislehurst Healthcare. Elle is actively involved in charitable organisations, serving as a trustee for the Hear to Aid Foundation and contributing to Healthcare Charity & Philanthropy and Executive Women in Healthcare. Her involvement in charities extends to John Caudwell’s Caudwell Children, as well as Malaika and many more.


 “I’m passionately dedicated to my philanthropic work and have become heavily involved in supporting charitable organisations such as Caudwell Children, Malaika and the Hear to Aid Foundation where I’m a trustee. Philanthropy is something I’m hugely driven by and almost everything I do really, comes back to that."


As an Afropolitan born in Zimbabwe, Elle's global experiences have shaped her refined sense of beauty and unique perspective. Her exotic mix of African heritage, British lifestyle, European flair, and Danish dynamism, attributed to her spouse, has influenced her approach to healthcare. Now, with Chislehurst as her home, Elle has established her brand and built her family, all while leading Chislehurst Healthcare to new heights.


Chislehurst Healthcare's impact extends beyond the walls of its facilities however with the company actively participating in community events, such as the Chislehurst Christmas Market and Halloween celebrations, all the while sponsoring initiatives like the upcoming 90-year celebration of the Chislehurst Society. Through collaborations with local organisations, Chislehurst Healthcare aims to address the unique challenges faced by the community, including dementia-related issues.

“Community is at the very heart of everything we do with Chislehurst Healthcare. We’ve become so tightly woven within our local community and for that, I’m thankful. Not only have they accepted us as one of their own, which we undoubtedly are, but it’s enabled us to become involved in local celebrations but also local initiatives that perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise been accessible for our team. All that good we can do because we’ve immersed ourselves into our community is payment enough. Whether it’s sponsoring the ambulance for a local Christmas fair or working with the Chislehurst Society on dementia initiatives… it’s a truly wonderful thing.”


Under Elle’s visionary leadership, Chislehurst Healthcare is revolutionising the healthcare landscape, offering exceptional services that prioritise compassion, luxury, and personalised care. If you or a loved one is in need of first-class healthcare services, look no further: 


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