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A Dive into Aesthetic Trends and Procedures

Mumble’s Beauty Report

As we are about to host our first Bio-hack Your Genetics Event, it feels fitting to examine the advancements that are revolutionising cosmetic skin care and how these breakthroughs might further enhance our natural beauty and well-being. At Mumble Forum we are always one step ahead thanks to our knowledgeable and highly qualified members as well as our partner beauty and aesthetic clinics.  The response for this panel talk has been incredible and we’d like to give you the opportunity to participate online. The panel talk will be livestreamed on the Mumble App. Download via App Store.

aesthetic trends


The continually progressing field of medical aesthetics, novel rejuvenating treatments and emerging trends aim to restore youthfulness and promote complexions that exude a graceful, healthy radiance and we are here to offer you the lowdown on what’s next and best!


In our discerning assessment, we will explore the most celebrated skin enhancing procedures of 2023, along with the pioneering technologies slated to premiere over this year. From refined dermal fillers to ultrasonic toning systems, this innovations feature will uncover cutting-edge, non-invasive techniques designed to smoothly and significantly improve skin texture, elasticity, and contour.


Our editorial focus will remain on safer, graceful methodologies that revitalise the face and body with subtle, yet impactful results. We find that integrity and elegance need not be sacrificed for effectiveness within this new generation of cosmetic advancement. The most promising protocols harness our skin's natural renewal processes, gently guiding it to unveil a more refined version of itself.


As we filter emerging skin care breakthroughs in preparation for this special feature, we are intrigued and heartened by the emphasis on holistic rejuvenation over intensive intervention. Within this golden age of medical aesthetics, new frontiers are being charted, where non-invasive cures may soon make invasive procedures obsolete. Our skin’s full potential for self-restoration is only beginning to be unlocked.


Replenishing Youthfulness: The Grace of Skinboosters

aesthetic trends

As we seek to unfold our skin’s full potential for restored vitality and beauty, a superb injectable treatment has emerged showing immense regenerative promise.

Skinboosters present a straightforward methodology to resurface a worn and weary complexion without adding extra volume to the areas they are injected into, unlike dermal fillers.


These acclaimed dermal injections introduce hyaluronic acid, an integral hydrating substance that wanes in our skin over time, leaving it progressively dulled and lined. Administered with exceptional precision into the dermal layers, Skinboosters  replenish moisture, spurring a cascade of youth-renewing effects. Skin is lifted, plumped, and smoothed from within, as hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients work to strengthen and bolster its scaffolding. Radiance is restored as skin is hydrated to optimal levels which cannot be achieved through topicals alone. When administered with a mesotherapy technique or through micro needling, hyaluronic acid penetrates on an even deeper plane, promoting collagen regeneration giving longer-lasting results. Skinboosters are not only used on the face, they also work wonders for often neglected areas such as the neck, chest and hands.


Turning Back Time: The Promise of Polynucleotides


As one explores the expanding landscape of aesthetic science, novel frontrunners emerge promising to unravel the very mechanisms of skin's decline at a cellular level. Polynucleotides hold profound potential to not only forestall emerging signs of aging but indeed reverse the diminished vitality of skin cells past their prime. They are biostimulators which revive and nourish skin cells, coaxing regeneration on a foundational level.

aesthetic trends

Polynucleotides contain something called RNA - your skin’s natural “communication messengers." Over time, aging causes our RNA levels to decline, which leads to tired, dull skin cells and lost collagen. Polynucleotide treatments replenish your skin’s RNA so it can nourish cells directly. Essentially, it’s giving your skin cells a rejuvenating superfood meal. Unlike some anti-aging treatments that impose temporary improvements through injections, polynucleotides encourage your natural renewal and glow to re-emerge. And because healthy skin starts from within, they also reduce inflammation simultaneously.


Unlocking Our Cells’ Rejuvenation Potential with Exosomes


On the cutting-edge of anti-aging science lie exosomes - microscopic vesicles with immense untapped therapeutic potential. These tiny particles act as natural communication messengers between cells. New research now suggests we may be able to leverage exosomes to activate repair, renewal, and youthfulness at a fundamental level.


aesthetic trends

Exosomes originate deep within our tissues from progenitor stem cells and other regenerative cell strains. They carry a diverse cargo of genetic materials, proteins, and signaling molecules that transmit important epigenetic messages from cell to cell.

Emerging medical applications for exosome therapy aim to amplify our body’s innate capacity for growth and healing. Early research indicates introducing exogenous exosomes can stimulate tissue regeneration, calm inflammatory pathways, balance immune function, optimize cellular metabolism, and even shift gene expression patterns towards more youthful profiles.


In essence, exosome therapy taps into our cells’ intrinsic wisdom - awakening and orchestrating biological renewal through ancestral signaling coded into our very genomes. As this new day dawns, the future gleams bright for this next generation treatment in bioregenerative medicine.


Revitalising Nutrient IV Infusions: An Inside-Out Biohack


As devotees of graceful aging, we seek treatments which transcend the superficial and penetrate our very cells—restoring, renewing, revitalising from the inside out. To this aim, allow us to introduce one of modern wellness’ most captivating offerings: targeted intravenous nutrient therapy, the so called IV Drips.

aesthetic trends


If you feel like your regular healthy habits still aren’t giving you that lively, vibrant glow you desire, it may be time to consider amped-up nutrient IV drips. IV therapy has surged in popularity thanks to its ability to deliver higher doses of vitamins, antioxidants, and other good-for-you compounds directly into your bloodstream.

Think of it as a superboosted vitamin cocktail delivered straight to your cells for maximum absorption. These special blends can overcome common deficiencies, fight inflammation and oxidative damage, stimulate collagen growth with peptides, and fine tune metabolic processes.


Beyond baseline needs, customised IV blends then address specific imbalances of modernity: fatigue siphoned by free radical aggression, hormonal disruption, scattering focus, nagging inflammatory pathways preventing deep repair and so on.  Carefully composed drips based on thorough bloodwork supply the missing elemental pieces to complete your body’s puzzle and optimise your performance and appearance.  


Revolutionising Rejuvenation: Hybrid Energy-Based Devices


One of the biggest skin treatment trends combines two leading modalities - radiofrequency (RF) microneedling and laser resurfacing. Using these cutting-edge technologies together leverages their unique benefits for amplified results.

aesthetic trends


RF microneedling uses microscopic needle points and gentle heating to trigger the skin’s self-repair processes and boost natural collagen. It smooths fine lines, firms slackened skin, and improves the appearance of scars without surgery or downtime.


Laser skin resurfacing focuses on renewing the outermost skin layers. It removes damaged areas to reveal the fresh new skin underneath.


Lasers like ablative CO2 or iPixel deeply exfoliate to smooth texture, even pigment, and erase wrinkles.


In tandem, RF tightening is performed first to lift and contour the deeper foundations. Laser resurfacing is then applied to refresh and renew the surface gently. The combined injury response activates better overall skin improvement than either treatment alone. Multiple lighter laser sessions can follow RF microneedling for very gradual refreshment too.


This popular pairing is taking skin rejuvenation to the next level. The ability to deeply repair while also polishing the top layers means more comprehensive restoration in fewer sessions. Expect the skin hybrid technique trend to continue advancing as technologies emerge!



What Next?


The future gleams brightly, Mumble ladies as we are fortunate to have some pioneers in aesthetic medicine within our esteemed members and some of London’s top beauty and medical aesthetic destinations on our books. From needle arts to light wave resurfacing, genetic messengers to IV alchemy elixirs, our community of visionaries can help curate and customize the most enthralling therapies into unique incarnations for your distinctive needs. Check out our VIP Beauty Perks guide where you can find everything you need with special members discounts and unparalleled privileges.



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