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Lunch With Karen Millen OBE

Updated: May 16

We are thrilled to announce an exciting event for an intimate talk with Karen Millen OBE about her work asa renowned designer and her philanthropic journey at our Ladies Charity Lunch this coming June to raise vital funds and awareness for Teens Unite. A charity co-founded by Karen Millen.

Over the past 17 years since co-founding Teens Unite, Karen has been striving to ensure that young people aged 13-24 have opportunities to thrive, not just survive, following a cancer diagnosis. Our event 'In Conversation with Karen Millen OBE', will raise vital funds and awareness for the Charity.

Our Founder Monique Hodgson have proudly joined forces to deliver an exclusive charity ladies lunch for an esteemed guest list. Guests will enjoy a three course meal in in a beautiful setting, and be inspired by Karen's story of success. To get updates about how to join this event make sure to sign in to our newsletter for the date and location reveal.

Meet Karen Millen the designer who dressed a generation.

One of British fashion's best-known entrepreneurs, Karen Millen set up her brand in 1981 with a £100 loan, which she used to buy 100 metres of cotton and create white shirts to sell to her friends. The first store was opened in Maidstone, Kent in 1983 and the business rapidly expanding throughout the 1990s becoming the brand of choice for modern, professional women.


I think for us when we started, we were very young. I think when you’re young you’ve got nothing really to lose, so I look at that as an advantage setting up any business. You know, we were hungry and really passionate about what we were doing and time wasn’t really that important. We had all the time in the world.


I co-founded Teens Unite over 17 years ago with my good friend Debbie.  Having supported other charities, we could see there was a need for support for these young people, and have worked together over the years to make Teens Unite what it is today.  

I work extensively to encourage support of Teens Unite and our work.

I am so proud of how far we have come and looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Tickets for our Mumble Charity lunch 'In Conversation With Karen Millen' is now live and available to book on this link, join us on the fight against cancer empowering teenagers and young adults. On information on how to get involved as a sponsor of the event email:

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