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Alice Temperley on Motherhood.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Iconic designer and mumble member Alice Temperley talks to us about the joys and juggle of motherhood.

Two decades is a long time in fashion. Trends come and go, but Alice Temperley has never strayed far from the signature design that has made her a go-to name. Temperley’s singular vision evokes a quintessentially British brand and it’s this distinctive outlook that has proven successful over two decades. We had the most incredible time hearing from Alice herself at our last Mumble Talks on our panel 'How to bulletproof your brand and the power of community' and one of the most remarkable moments was listening to Alice share how remaining true to her brand's ethos is why Temperley London is still so relevant today. We asked Alice for this special issue:

Alice what inspired your brand?

My love of beautifully made clothes and how they make you feel. I love the making, the inspiration and the process, It's all in the craft for me. When you wear things you love they can make you feel so different. Ethereal, empowered, sensual.

What are the most challenging aspects and the most rewarding moments of balancing motherhood and the role of a founder?

Challenging is the mum guilt of being busy and having to travel, working on a demanding and fast paced industry like fashion with deadlines or to have fashion weeks dumped into half term, was a serious juggle. As a founder you are on 24/7, same as a mother. But the joys and benefits are being able to have a baby under my desk in a basket and being ok to breast feed in front of my team. Taking my son to work made all the difference and hopefully one day he will get it all. We do it all for them.

What is a profound lesson that your children have taught you about yourself as a mother that impacted you individual and professionally?

How much time is wasted being a busy fool. Why do we complicate things so much ? Having a child has taught me to be in the moment more and I value much simpler things. He’s 14 now and although a horrid teenager sometimes … I value every second. Being a mother is the most important job in the world. Nothing else really matters. We are, after all, amazing life-making creators and so often not recognised equally as we should.

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