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Cheffie: Where Tech Meets Taste

Hala Sayess Ignites Innovation and Transforms the Hospitality Landscape

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving hospitality industry, Hala Sayess stands as a transformative figure. As the CEO and founder of Cheffie, she has introduced a novel fusion of technology and gastronomy that not only changes how we experience dining but also empowers chefs with unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities.

Hala Sayess

With over a decade of experience in B2C business development, including significant roles in private wealth publishing and managing a private jet luxury lifestyle title, Hala brings a profound understanding of the luxury market and the preferences of affluent consumers. As a mother of two who loves entertaining at home, Hala has seamlessly blended her professional acumen with her personal passion for hosting family gatherings. This unique combination of experiences and interests has been crucial in shaping her vision for Cheffie, enabling her to create a platform that resonates deeply with both culinary professionals and dining enthusiasts who cherish quality time and exceptional meals at home.


Cheffie is not just a platform; it is a visionary project that redefines traditional dining norms. It leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless interface where chefs can launch virtual restaurants, curate menus, and manage pricing and business hours on their own terms. This model significantly lowers the barriers to entry in the culinary world, enabling chefs to showcase their talents and build their own brands without the constraints of a physical restaurant.

Hala Sayess

Hala described the inception of Cheffie as a response to a clear market need:

"From my early days in business development, I recognised the potential for technology to radically enhance the dining experience—not just for food lovers but for the chefs who create those experiences. Cheffie was born from a desire to empower these culinary artists to take control of their careers and directly connect with their audience."


The platform has rapidly gained traction since its launch in December 2022. Poised for further growth, Cheffie is set to expand internationally, starting with a launch in the South of France this summer, followed by entry into the GCC region, beginning with Saudi Arabia in the coming months. Cheffie's business model projects a valuation of £1.2 billion by its fifth year, with an impressive growth strategy that aims to reach over 72 million users by its tenth year. Cheffie will be the go-to platform for all dining experiences.

Hala Sayess

Cheffie's success is underpinned by a unique infrastructure with the newest technologies, showcasing the platform's commitment to technological leadership in the food tech sector. The user-friendly interface facilitates direct communication between chefs and diners, allowing for bespoke culinary experiences that cater to individual tastes and preferences.


Reflecting on the platform's strategic approach, Hala commented,

"Our mission at Cheffie is to transform the culinary landscape by making high-quality dining experiences accessible with just a tap. As we expand into new countries and cities, we're focused on creating a Cheffie ecosystem by partnering with local businesses such as florists, drink brands, and other regional suppliers. This not only enriches the Cheffie experience but also supports local economies. Our goal is to weave technology and gastronomy together in a way that enhances the lives of both our chefs and food enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant, interconnected community."

Hala Sayess

Looking forward, Cheffie is set to expand its global presence, with targeted marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships poised to amplify its reach and influence. Under Hala’s visionary leadership, the platform is uniquely positioned to redefine the future of dining and establish itself as a pioneer in the realm of culinary innovation.


As Cheffie continues to grow and evolve, Hala remains committed to her vision:

"The future of Cheffie involves not only expanding our market reach but continuously enhancing the platform to meet the dynamic needs of our users. We're not just building a business; we're cultivating a global community of food lovers and culinary experts who share a passion for great food and innovation."


In conclusion, Hala Sayess's journey with Cheffie encapsulates a rare blend of entrepreneurial spirit, deep market understanding, and a relentless drive for innovation. Her leadership not only guides Cheffie's strategic direction but also inspires a new generation of chefs and food enthusiasts to explore the limitless possibilities of culinary creativity.

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