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Our in-house experts are a community of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who offer practical tips, mini workshops and panel discussions to support our members so that they can thrive in every

stage of motherhood.


the inner circle

Transformation Coach & Podcast Host.

Founder of Conscious Accelerator, transformation coach and host of the Going Conscious podcast, Nikki empowers entrepreneurs to transform and unleash their purpose on the world driving freedom and success. She shares 3 practical steps on how to dispel your blockers, define your purpose and drive your transition to impact, fulfilment and freedom. 

"If you are thinking of shifting in your career or carving your own path to drive growth, freedom and profit, in balance with making a positive impact, Nikki Trott is for you! Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast with her where we discuss pursuing purpose and finding balance in our lives"


poppy delbridge

Mindset Coach & Energy Mentor

Founder of House of Possibility. 

House of Possibility activates and develops ambitious minds to define their dreamiest vision and goals to create exciting, tangible results.

"We admire Poppy's work for so many reasons; She is like that personal cheerleader who helps you thrive in every aspect of your life. After a very successful career in television, Poppy transitioned to becoming a “Mindset Coach, Strategic Success Mentor and Intuitive Energy Worker empowering women to be agents of positive change in their lives and work.”



michelle zelli

Relationships Coach, Deep understanding of complex trauma & love addiction.

Michelle travelled the globe seeking out the best of the best to absorb a deep understanding of human mastery. She has overcome so much in her own life and for 20 years has been helping people take control of their lives. She is the go-to


Working with a wide range of people from top executives to small business start-ups, couples who want more from their relationships to individuals committed to becoming the best version of themselves. Michelle will help define the life you want, clear the blocks and show you how to achieve it.

"My role is to assist you to navigate even the most difficult path to your best advantage, whilst providing calm, wise and caring support, carving the best version of yourself.  Together we will build a strong foundation, turning adversity into opportunity and pain into gain" 


olivia bath 

Speaker, coach & Founder of The Women's Vault

The Women’s Vault helps professional women and new Mums to accelerate their career, achieve work/life balance, by sharing tools to succeed and cope with stress.


'Hi, I’m Olivia, Founder of The Women’s Vault. I bring a unique blend of corporate experience, having played an advisory role to CEOs and Executives for 15 years, along with my own experiences of motherhood and being a busy, working woman."

tijen omer

Mindfulnes & Wellness Expert

Tijen is a mindfulness coach and a holistic Reiki healer. She is one of our in-house Wellness Experts delivering regular tips on how to stay positive and grounded


"Mindfulness, Meditation & Energy has transformed me in so many ways. My health and immune system are stronger. I have also become more resilient to stress and challenges in my life. My children are learning from my mindset and are witnessing the changes that happen just by being mindful and how it can adjust our lives in so many ways.  These holistic treatments can calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure and heart rate, leaving our bodies in a rest and repair state. Balancing and aligning our bodies helps us to relieve stress, anxiety and improves our sleep. As a result, it allows us to be more mindful of how we deal with day-to-day stress and makes us more resilient to handing new challenges."

nancy simmonds

Experienced Primary School Teacher & Author.

With over 14 years of experience. She has lots of tricks up her sleeve that she shares with parents/carers (especially given how important home learning has become).

Nancy has worked as a Lead Teacher in London and Hertfordshire, supporting other teachers to deliver Literacy in an inspiring way. She is passionate about teaching children spelling, grammar and punctuation in a way that makes sense to them through reading, speaking, listening and writing. She loves children’s books and has discovered even more gems and teaching ideas to share since having her little boy. 

" We love Nancy tips for babies all the way up to Year 6 that are quick, have an impact on your child’s understanding and are easy to fit into a busy day."



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