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Monique Hodgson


Founder / CMO

Born in Panama, Made in Milan. Based in London. Monique is a mother, wife, philanthropist, diplomat and speaker. Monique has accumulated extensive and diverse work experience through positions held within multi-national corporations, fashion business and a Governmental role. Her background includes luxury branding, media and international affairs. She's an advocate for women's rights, mental health, Climate Change and Committee Member of the Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity (PWCC) in the UK.  

She began to envision Mumble Forum late 2019 as a platform and a movement that would aim to unite women through motherhood with the objective of creating social change, individually and collectively whilst  empowering women throughout the various stages of motherhood. “The moment I lost myself was also the moment for an opportunity to find my feet again and stand even taller. Becoming a mother has been a transformative experience that led me to discover immense sense of purpose. And I’m thankful for that every day.”

Areta Hryschuk

Co-Director / Content Editor 

Areta is a mother, a primary school teacher and curriculum developer. She has a decade of experience teaching within the state and independent primary and secondary school sectors in the U.K. and in Canada. Areta volunteers teaching English at the Happy Baby Community, an organisation that offers support for women who have fled from violence or traffickers, and are pregnant or with a young child and are seeking asylum in the U.K.


Becoming a mother highlighted Areta's desire to forge stronger connections with other mothers in a social and collaborative environment. She set out to help build a diverse and inclusive community where mothers could come together, bond over their shared experiences and learn from each other. It is her hope that Mumble Forum brings each member personal and professional value, as a source of empowerment and creates a positive social impact inside and outside our community.

umble Committee 

Sadie Mantovani Chase-Gardener

Sadie is a mum and luxury brand consultant. She is an expert in communications with a demonstrated professional history of delivering on-brand, creative press campaigns and strategy plans for the fashion, luxury and brand partnerships industry. Skilled in influencer and media relations, she specialises in brand consulting, events and creative partnerships, and social media content creation across fashion, sustainable fashion, luxury lifestyle, hospitality and charity. She began her career working for Aurelia PR and Ozwald Boateng, followed by 15 years at Ralph Lauren. She then set up her own consultancy business, through which she worked as head of press for The Caprice Group, and now works on projects and press strategies for brands including Sorel Footwear, Mayamiko, Casetify, Outland Denim, Jurlique and Pronovias, as well as being a brand ambassador for Maison Margaux Ltd and serving as the Creative Director of Kids at My Wardrobe HQ. Sadie joined Mumble Forum committee to help support our philanthropic work and mission.

Myriam Armstrong

Myriam is a mother of two, a business owner and entrepreneur.  She is an avid supporter of sustainable healthy living and all things wellness. Myriam has yeas of expertise in team building, career mentoring and scouting talent within her field. "Motherhood is definitely challenging, full of surprises but also so rewarding. It’s my children that motivate me to sustain strength from within. Empowerment for me is rooted in courage, kindness, respect and honesty.  These are the key values I have imparted on my children so that they themselves can become empowered and fearless. Life has taught me that we are capable of so much more than we think. With hard work, a collective responsibility and togetherness, we can achieve our goals."

Myriam's devotion to philanthropy and female empowerment led her to join Mumble Forum.

Tola is a mother and entrepreneur. Her dedication to the extra-ordinary is what defines her along with her passion for style and a devotion to female empowerment. These character traits are what led her to creating 'Florian,' a luxury leather handbag brand. 


Growing up in diverse London is what shaped Tola’s strong interests in art, culture and fashion. Although she studied Art & Design at college she was persuaded by her father to focus on Management Finance at university, a subject that came naturally to her. After a short period in the Financial sector, she decided the key to her happiness was following her childhood passion. Florian was birthed in 2013 and went on to win the International handbag awards in 2014.

For Tola, Florian is not simply about designing handbags but creating statement pieces that compliment and celebrate modern women worldwide. Her passion and commitment for empowering women led her to join efforts with Mumble Forum’s mission as a committee member.

Tola Adeagbo 

Hattie Frank

Hattie is a mother, wife, a certified baby and toddler Sleep Consultan and the founder of ‘Not Another Peep’. She works with families to create customised sleep plans that fully consider both the child and the parenting philosophy.

Prior to Hattie's qualification as a sleep consultant, she worked for several years at a preparatory school in central London before embarking on a successful 12year career in Financial Marketing and Communications in the City of London. Hattie’s decision to change her career path was driven by her transition into motherhood with the arrival of twin boys, Arthur and Archie. Hattie discovered a passion for changing the lives of families who were struggling with a lack of sleep, helping them to regain confidence and direction for the exciting road ahead. Her dedication to empowering mothers with knowledge and understanding the importance of mental health in motherhood led Hattie to join forces with Mumble Forum as a committee member. 



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